Monday, October 30, 2017

Miami Dentist on Plaque: The Sticky Truth About Dental Plaque!

south miami dentistSouth Miami Dentist, Dr. Papiernik, on dental plaque.

One of the easiest problems to spot in your teeth is a build-up of plaque. Plaque is the soft, sticky layer of bacteria, which is constantly forming on the teeth. Usually it is invisible to the naked eye, but when a person is not brushing adequately, it can build up to where it appears to be a thick whitish coating on the teeth at the gum line. If not removed, it can lead to gum disease. Use the following steps to remove dental plaque and maintain a healthy mouth.

Step One: Floss
Use floss to remove germs and food particles between teeth. Rinse.

Step Two: Brush Teeth
Use any tooth brushing method that is comfortable, but do not scrub hard back and forth. Small circular motions and short back and forth motions work well. Rinse. Remember that to prevent decay, it's what's on the toothbrush that counts. Use fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride is what protects teeth from decay.

Step Three: Brush the tongue for a fresh feeling! Rinse again.

Remember: food residues, especially sweets, provide nutrients for the germs that cause tooth decay and feed bacteria, as well as those that cause gum disease. Bacteria can live on your tongue. That's why it is important to remove all food residues, as well as plaque, from teeth. Remove plaque at least once a day — twice a day is better. If you brush and floss once daily, do it before going to bed.

One of the best ways to keep dental plaque away is to maintain your regular dental and cleaning appointments. For the care you need, please call our office. 

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